A Trip Down Memory Lane At The Legendary Irani Café In Mumbai – Kyani & Co.
February 7, 2018
Shruti Anand (1487 articles)

A Trip Down Memory Lane At The Legendary Irani Café In Mumbai – Kyani & Co.

The ubiquitous bun maska and chai is something all Mumbai-kars have heard of but what’s so special about it? I didn’t know, till I took a trip down to Kyani & Co. after a massive day of lectures and a long workshop at college and sipped on the steaming hot tea and dipped the buttered bun into it and took a bite. And that began my affair with Irani Cafes, Kyani & Co. in particular.

The Old School Café

Kyani & Co. does not allow laptops and no I’m not complaining. They are just like an old school teacher who used to scold you a lot but became your favourite as your grew older. The no technology policy made it easier to talk and have a meaningful conversation with my classmates who went on to become good friends and this happened over the humble cup of chai and bun maska.

The friendships grew as we frequented Kyani & Co. over a quick lunch of drool worthy keema pav and chocolate ball for dessert. The keema is delectable and something one shouldn’t miss. I also tried taking home shrewsberry biscuits from their bakery to share with my family but alas ate them all during the long wait for the bus and then the traffic that followed. The point being, that Kyani has a charm that is unmatched, humble and hard to find.

I’ve binged on the popular delicacies at Kyani & Co. while I worked hard to earn my diploma. Chicken Farcha, Mint Tea, Akuri on Toast and the delicious Keema Samosas are a delight to sore eyes and an empty stomach. Something fills you up other than food and that it the love that goes in its making. And that’s the reason, long after college is over, I still can’t help but make excuses or take detours just to savour at least one or two of my delicacies from Kyani. And if I’m too full to binge, a cup of tea and bun maska doesn’t hurt now does it?

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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