Have You Tried Nestle India’s New Nescafe Ready-To-Drink Coffees?

Adding to their coffee portfolio, Nestle India has launched Nescafe ready-to-drink with three variants. These coffees have been crafted for the Indian palate.

The Flavours

At present, there are three flavours in the ready-to-drink range; chilled latte, hazelnut and intense cafe. While the chilled latte flavour captures the flavour of Indian cold coffees, the hazelnut is delightfully nutty. Meanwhile, the Intense Cafe captures the taste of an invigorating cappuccino.


The new coffee variants are already available at retail outlets and on e-commerce channels and are available at Rs.30 for a pack of 180 ml.

“Nescafe has always been at the forefront of coffee innovation. We continue our journey as pioneers by customizing not just the taste, but also the mode of consumption to deliver ‘Anytime Coffee’ for today’s active lifestyle,” said General Manager (dairy), Nestlé India, Arvind Bhandari.