We Tried The KFC Smoky Grilled Chicken And It Truly Is Finger Lickin’ Good!

Earlier this month, KFC added two new delicious items to their menu around the country. Known for their fried chicken and burger combinations, the international chain announced the addition of the Smoky Grilled Chicken and Smoky Grilled Chicken Burger.

The Smoky Grilled Burger is served with an absolutely perfectly grilled chicken fillet, topped with a creamy sauce and a fresh salad all tucked inside a warm toasted bun, giving the meal that finger lickin’ good feel.

Whereas the Smoky Grilled Chicken has chicken marinated in a signature smoky sauce and topped with a unique Chipotle garlic glaze that gives the chicken a spicy and smoky taste.

Naturally, we wanted to understand what was driving the nation wild, so we got some Smoky Grilled Chicken in the HungryForever office and we were truly blown away.

We Tried The KFC Smoky Grilled Chicken And It Truly Is Finger Lickin’ Good!

The wonderful thing about the Smoky Grilled Chicken is that the pieces you get are all chicken legs which are also much easier to eat and have lots of meat! The chicken was nice and soft and the flavours had cooked right into the meat, so with each bite, it’s an explosion in your mouth.

Their slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” applies perfectly to this new addition because you can’t stop after one chicken leg. The spiciness is perfect too and obviously best eaten when hot!

You can get your very own bucket of Smoky Grilled Chicken or the Smoky Grilled Chicken Burger at any KFC outlet near you! The burger is priced at Rs. 109, plus taxes and the chicken prices start at Rs. 149 (for 2 pieces), so order yourself a finger lickin’ good time right now.