We Tried Out CCD’s Summer Chillers & Here’s Our Verdict

Café Coffee Day has managed to stay true to our summer needs by constantly supplying our caffeine and beverage thirsty souls with an endless supply of summer-special drinks, a.k.a. the Summer Chillers. The Summer Chillers menu is a cool amalgamation of popular Indian flavours, seasonal ingredients, coffee, and heap loads of ice.

As reported earlier, the all-new summer menu at Café Coffee Day comes loaded with six new limited edition beverages, namely the Almond Rabdi Frappe, the Creamy Toffee Frappe, the Cool Jamun Slush, the Sugarcane Refresher, the Toffee Cold Coffee and the Citrus Cold Brew Coffee.

At the launch of this new menu, CEO of Café Coffee Day, Venu Madhav had promised that the coffee chain “wanted to provide everyone with a summer getaway that’s super close to home” and that the one of a kind drinks range “will excite your adventurous taste buds immediately”, which is precisely why we found ourselves vegged out at Café Coffee Day, DLF Mall of India in the middle of a mid-summer day’s nightmare (just another day in the Capital). We had the opportunity to treat ourselves to some of their new summer drinks. Take a look at what we had and our verdict at the coffee shop’s ingenious drinkable contraptions.

Spoiler Alert: We left the café with a mild brain freeze


What We Had:

Creamy Toffee Frappe

Staying true to Café Coffee Day’s strong and reliable history of creamy frappes and beverages, the Creamy Toffee Frappe doesn’t disappoint either. Served in a tall glass the caffeinated beverage was high on caffeine and sugar, and we ain’t complaining! He creamy rich coffee came topped with dollops of whipped cream (we gave the ice cream a skip because too early in our life to nurse a high sugar level) and crunchy butterscotch nuts. As for the taste, the drink is a winner, especially if you have a palate for all things butterscotch, toffee, and caramel.

We Tried Out CCD's Summer Chillers & Here's Our Verdict


Citrus Cold Brew

We had our apprehensions about this drink because this is probably the first time we came across a coffee-based cold beverage flavoured with citric zests. And that too Mandarin orange, no less! But we have to admit that the citrus cold brew left us pleasantly surprised with just the right balance of coffee and tangerine. The brew was a refreshing iced coffee blend with summery hints of orange that left a palatable and after note lingering on our palate. Basically, if you’re looking for a drink high on caffeine, low on sugar, and supremely hydrating, then this cold brew should be your pick!We Tried Out CCD's Summer Chillers & Here's Our Verdict


In closing we’d like to say that Café Coffee Day did not disappoint at all. We loved our chillers and they checked out every important category right from quantity and quality to flavour and freshness. So we suggest you get off your heat struck bums and head over to your nearest CCD outlet to sip into their refreshing Summer Chillers!