Treat Yourself To A Star Wars Marathon With These Movie Munchies

More than half the world knows what’s going to go down in the seventh episode of Star Wars but for us it’s going to be a Christmas miracle with the delayed release date (25th December).

So what do we do while the world ooh and aahs over ‘The Force Awakens’? Simple, we do a marathon of the first six episodes (for the millionth time). And while we’re at it, let put together some movie-inspired snacks to add some galactic swank, shall we?


  1. Star Wars Cocktails

Ok so technically and practically a movie marathon calls for chilled beer. But then again, this ain’t your ordinary movie marathon and plus a little vodka and rum never hurt anyone!


  1. Star Wars Shots

Down some Hans Solo and Greedo shots to take you through the plight of waiting yet another week!


  1. Princess Leia Cupcake, Squishy Super Storm Troopers, Sweet & Salty Super Sabers

Get the young ones to sit through the marathon with these yummy delights. Also, the next generation should know why their elders are going bananas over Star Wars!


  1. Cheese Fighters, Light Sabers & Marshmallow Storm Troopers

Super easy to make snacks that are yummy and nail the Star Wars inspiration.


  1. Storm Trooper Sustenance Smoothie

Sip on this delicious smoothie as you go through the episodes. The preparation is a tad time consuming but the results are awesome and super healthy!


  1. Pretzel Strom Troopers

These white chocolate smothered crunchy storm troopers are easy to make and uber delicious.