We Traversed The World At The Travelling Sushi Festival At Shizusan And We Loved It!

It’s not every day that you get a chance to sample some of Chef Paul Kinny’s sushi creations while simultaneously traversing the globe so you can bet that we weren’t going to miss this chance! The Travelling Sushi Festival at Shizusan was the perfect opportunity to try some top rate sushi (which we all know can be quite hit or miss) and enjoy the gorgeous ambience that Shizusan offers.

I opted for the Milo Milkshake (we Gulf kids can’t help ourselves) which I had been eyeing ever since I attended the launch of Shizusan and I wasn’t disappointed (in fact, I’m not ashamed to say that I had two). I also tried the Iced Mogu Mogu a green tea full of fruity awesomeness and amazing flavours that went perfectly with the sushi.

To get things rolling (pun intended) we started off with the vegetarian choices. Yes, choices! Vegetarians delight, because they have an equal number of choices for both plant eaters and carnivores! The Chiang Mai Uramaki was delectable (and that’s saying a lot since I am maligned against vegetarian sushi)! The heat from the Bird’s Eye Chilli contrasts beautifully with the avocado and the crunch from the asparagus just gives it that edge!

I would also recommend the Greek Maki (as I am always partial to good feta). The daikon and celery work brilliantly together along with the Tzatziki and truffle oil and makes for a well-balanced mouthful!

From the non-vegetarian options, I really enjoyed the Chinese inspired, Peking Duck Maki. The smoked duck and the sweet chilli glaze was absolutely delicious and the wontons added texture which made this sushi one of my favourites!

The Norwegian Salmon Maki combined smoked salmon (duh) with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and cranberries for that sweet kick! Another favourite was the Sri Lankan Roll. I absolutely loved the combination of the spicy crab meat with the beetroot rice which somehow made eating it so much more fun!

If you’re a sushi lover – or just a fan of well-flavoured food – then head on over to the nearest Shizusan for the Travelling Sushi Festival. We guarantee it will make you soy happy!