Travel Food Services Start Instant Food Service With The Concept Of ‘Vending Man’

According to a report by the India Retailing, Travel Food Services (TFS) has initiated the concept of vending man at the domestic airport at Terminal 1B and 1C in Mumbai. The vending men will be selling ready to eat and drink items and will provide instant billing.

Grab And Go Motto

The report further says that this concept has been inspired by another successful one by the company called food@gate. The ‘vending man’ concept revolves around the grab and go options available at reasonable rates for the passengers in a rush to catch their flights. The report by India Retailing further explains that a vending man would be seen moving around the gates carrying a mobile tray displaying the limited range of the bestselling products. This tray would also be having a tab and a Bluetooth printer for the billing and invoices and to start off the services TFS has currently included summer cooler drinks and munchies for this service.

Travel Food Services Start Instant Food Service With The Concept Of ‘Vending Man’

“We, at Travel Food Services, are committed to constantly elevating the travel FnB experience in India, and Vending Man is an extension of the same,” said Gaurav Dewan, COO and Business Head, Travel Food Services to India Retailing. “Considering the volume of travellers and the rush at terminal gates daily, we wanted to create an option for busy passengers to have easy access to quality, freshly packaged, to-go food products. While we are currently testing with two vending men, we plan to increase the number to cater to all kinds of F&B needs of travellers.

The report also says that the service is currently available on the domestic airport at Mumbai but TFS plans to extend it others cities in India. The vending man will be available at the Mumbai airport between 8 AM and 10 PM. These men will also be carrying tissues, condiments, and straws along with the food.