Traditional North Indian Cuisine Meets Modern Fusion Food At Punjab Bistro

Bengaluru is definitely the melting pot of India. The Silicon Valley of India is home to hundreds of cultures, peoples, and, of course, food. Now, there’s a new jewel in Bengaluru’s culinary crown. Say hello to Punjab Bistro, home to Butter Chicken, Kulchas, and modern fusion food.

Koramangala’s latest North Indian food hotspot is the perfect place to try all the classics (read Shorbas, Paneer Tikka, Rajma) as well as some more, ahem, experimental items. For example, we absolutely loved the Palak Corn Quesadilla with its cheesy interiors that even the most picky eater would be loath to put down.

Another big hit with us was the Beetroot Tikki, be prepared for a mouthful of deep-fried delight, combined with a fabulous peanut butter sauce that surprisingly embraces the sweet of the beetroot while adding to the earthiness of the dish.

It goes without saying that all the traditional dishes certainly hit the mark as well (you won’t want to miss out on the chicken tikka kebabs) but what blew us away was Chef Masaroor Waris Khan’s innate awareness of Punjabi cuisine and his ability to match the traditional dishes to their fusion counterparts.

On the cocktail front, we enjoyed the Na’Real Rita, a tequila coconut delight that’s sure to give you a buzz. Obviously, they’ve got an ample supply of enjoyable lassi’s and milkshakes that don’t miss the mark. If you want to end your meal on something sweet, feast on some fusion delights.

Why not try the Mango Panna Cotta, Gulab Jamun cheesecake, or their piece de resistance – the Mille Feuille. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s say that it’s very instagrammable and full of flavor! So, if you’re craving some proper North Indian comfort food, then Punjab Bistro (nëe Punjab Grill) is your best bet!