Town Essentials Is The Latest Online Grocery Service To Score Funding

Town Essentials, a Bangalore based online grocery service has raised RS 6.7 crore in an angel funding round. This brings the total amount of funding that the company has received to Rs.12 crore.

Know The Essentials

Founded in 2003, Town Essentials operates an online ordering platform for in individuals and companies alike. Its’ staff handpicks produce daily from farms and farmers’ markets around Bangalore based on customers’ orders.


While their ‘Food Corner’ caters to individual consumer orders, they also have a ‘Wholesale’ option which allows companies as well as consumers who are holding large events such as weddings or parties to place orders. It also offers to take back any dry produce (such as uncooked grains) after the event, ensuring less food waste.


Included on Town Essentials’ product menu are Dry Fruits, Fruits & Vegetables, Diary and Dairy Substitutes, Organic Products as well as Rare Ingredients.

Future Plans

While the company caters to around 200 orders per day, it plans to launch a mobile app to increase its customer base and make ordering more accessible.