Which Topping Completes Your Pizza? #POLL

Pizza is #BAE (unless you are Adele, in which case you and ‘bae’ just broke up). Sorry, human ‘bae’ but pizza does come before you. Always. If you’re in a gastronomical relationship with pizza, you’re bound to have a type. Now don’t lie to yourself! There has to be one particular topping that totally gets you reeling, swooning and has your salivary glands work in overdrive!

And while it’s true that BBQ chicken and onions; chicken and pineapple; cottage cheese and onion what, you’ve never had a paneer tikka pizza? go hand in hand, we thought it’d be fun to see which individual topping fares the highest. So keep the picture of your dream pizza aside and think of that one topping that completes your pizza.

Basically, if your pizza could have just one topping, which one would it be? Vote and let us now!