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Top Three Undergraduate Hospitality Degrees in Switzer Hospitality Institutions


Quality education is essential. Every institution of higher learning must offer desirable education to students. This will increase their employability.
The hospitality industry may have many ups and downs but there will always be a great need for professionals. Besides offering a number of courses in the hospitality industry, the institutions also give undergraduates an opportunity to exercise what they learn in class through a plethora of mandatory internships. The main hospitality management courses offered includes:

Bachelor of business administration in hospitality management

If you have been thirsty for a course in hospitality management, then this is your best fit. This is an extensive program that will take you at least three and a half years to complete, including internships.

This is a course most suitable for individuals wishing to pursue their education leading to a career in management. Whether you wish to be an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry or a senior executive in a hotel or an affiliate in the hospitality and hotel industry, this is the course for you. The extensive training you will receive will give you a good landing job wise after your graduation.

You can pursue the course in Switzer hospitality institutions from different parts of the world, meaning that you do not have to study in Switzerland if you can access similar Switzer training in India.

Bachelor of Arts in hospitality management

The hospitality industry is very extensive. With the right training in the service areas within the industry, you can be the leader you wish to be. Well, you might even argue that leaders are born. However, even the best leaders require training and knowledge on the different departments they are to run.

With at least two industrial internships and extensive coursework from hospitality management colleges Switzerland, you will receive training in sales and marketing, event planning, revenue management, luxury brand management, real estate finance as well as the skills needed in sustainable development of tourism.

These are essential ingredients in management and running the hospitality industry and in less than four years, you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge.

Bachelor of business administration in events, sports and entertainment management

An unwritten rule has been established between hospitality, events and entertainment. Do you need to go to school for this? Well, yes you do! Even though there are many self-made individuals in this field, these individuals need skills to run different parts of the different fields.

With hospitality being the heart of Switzerland, it has been encompassed in training by renowned Switzer institutions.
If you wish to be an international name in events, MICE, sports and entertainment, you will have to enroll for this course that will take you less than four years. Compulsory industrial internships as well as the ‘project factory’ learning systems will ingrain in you deep understanding of the hospitality industry as well as the events and how they relate.
More practical knowledge will also be attained because the factory project will throw you off your comfort zone and you will have to organize campus events.

In conclusion, necessary market skills are better if taught both theoretically and practically. Most graduates from Switzer hospitality institutions get into employment fast because of the exposure they get in the industrial internships and visits to companies. Specialization in one field also makes the schools better placed to give their best.