Top Ramen Swimsuits Are Now A Thing, So College Students Can Now Wear Their Diet

We’re all aware of how tough life is as a struggling college student. More often than not, budgeting is a fail and we’re forced to sustain ourselves on Ramen noodles alone. Now, thanks to Beloved Shirts, you can wear your struggle with these Top Ramen one-piece swimsuits (Millennials will get it).

Not only is Ramen instant noodles now able to save you from starvation, but you can now make an ironic statement about your life with this Ramen Swimsuit. The coolest part, is that the swimsuits actually come in different flavors. You can hit the beach (or public swimming pool, we don’t judge) in a Beef, Chicken, Original, or Shrimp Top Ramen one piece and get heads turning.

In fact, if you’ve fallen in love with the ramen trend, you can even pick up a Chicken Ramen Dress, or sports bra and really let instant noodles take over your closet (I mean, you practically live on it anyway).

Unfortunately, at the moment Beloved Shirts isn’t shipping this fabulous food-clothing mashup to the subcontinent, so if you’ve got any mates coming back from the States ask them to pick one up for you, after all, a swimsuit virtually takes up no space. So, this year, you can give the beach the body it really deserves, ramen-clad, and fabulous!



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