Top Indian Street Foods From Around The Country

Where there is a street and hungry people, there is street food – basically everywhere. It’s safe to say that its popularity has made even street food a full-fledged cuisine. One that differs with every state, region, country and culture.

India being a land of a cultural spectrum is bound to have the same diversity when it comes to food and we couldn’t be happier! Here are ten street food items from around the country to get you drooling instantly.


  1. Mumbai, Maharashtra

The city that never sleeps and the land where dreams comes true (unless you dream off having tea with SRK) is also a stockpile of pao laden grubs. The most legendary ones include vada Pao, veg masala (or Bombay masala) sandwich and pao bhaji.paneer pav bhaji recipe


  1. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This culturally rich land is also rich in culinary virtuosities. Apart from royal, sumptuous thalis the state does up delicious dabeli – a combination of boiled potato, spiced and buttered bun – and tikha gathiya – a deep fried salty snack..dabeli4192


  1. Bikaner, Rajasthan

The trick is to make a spiced batter and deep fry it with everything possible! And Rajasthan does this trick with seamless ease and excellence. The mirch pakoras and pyaz stuffed kachoris are worth taking a run in the deserts for.Kachori


  1. Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh likes to indulge in crunchy namkeens with a hint of tangy chutneys. The state loves its sev puri and fries up excellent salty snacks as well.feature image sevpuri


  1. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

This South Indian state is more than just sambar-dosa and rasam-papad. One of their most delicious nosh is the kothu parotta, which is made with meat, egg and a yummy dose of spicy sauce. Other yummy eats include bajji and idiyappam.Chicken Kothu Parotta Recipe


  1. Kolkata, West Bengal

Not just Kolkata, but many other parts of the country also see stalls that go by the name of ‘Kolkata Egg Roll’ (or something similar) with finger licking good egg and kathi rolls. There is a reason. The city serves up decadent combos of zesty sauces and egg swayed into one wholesome roll.Paneer-Kathi-Roll


  1. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

The land of the Nawabs, Uttar Pradesh has a rich culinary background. The state’s streets boast of sumptuous street foods like poori bhaji, aloo tikki and a mouthful of paan.paan


  1. Assam

Famous for its tea estates and breathtaking view, Assam also has a wide range of quick eats and bite-sized nibbles dotting the markets. Some of their best street foods are laksa, momo and ghughni.davasmomos


  1. Bangalore, Karnataka

Benne dosa, akki rott The IT hub of India, Bangalore, loves to gobble up a fair share of street foods. Some of their best gastronomical delights include akki rott and benne dosa.Akki-Roti


  1. Amritsar, Punjab

When it comes to food (or anything really) Punjabis like to go all out and we couldn’t lov ‘em for that! The state sees the richest gravies, most judiciously buttered roti and the creamiest lassis. Same goes for the street food. The state like to indulge in its share of stuffed kulchas, chhole bhature and, of course, tandoori tikkas.alookulcha