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Top Food Bloggers of Kolkata who Made Way into the Hearts of People through their Stomach


When it comes to know about the Top Food Bloggers in Kolkata, then the list would definitely not stop at top 10 or top 15 persons. You can’t choose any Food bloggers according to the restaurants reviews or street foods thoughts or may be as per their blogs or style of English they are writing. In fact, I saw, that most of the well known restaurants or hotels choose Food Bloggers according to the reviews on Zomato. Yes, that might be partially right but not fully correct. Definitely any Food Blogger will only be perfectly correct when he/she has proper knowledge about the food menus, food items, the taste, colours, smell and decoration of the dish. Then only the Food Blogger can become an influencer and would help restaurants to give proper review.

Most of the Food bloggers who are already well known as well as those  who are yet to become known to all, not only cover and own some authentic food blogs but  also very much active in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc. So, here we are presenting some top lists of Kolkata Food Bloggers:

  1. Poorna Banerjee: There is no doubt that she is one of the well known Food Blogger in this field. Poorna Banerjee is a Kolkata based food critic and restaurant consultant. She gives reviews to the hotels and restaurants in Kolkata. Her blog PresentedbyP explores different types of cuisines, lifestyle hacks, travels as well as beauty ideas too.
  2. Rukshana Kapadia: Ruskshana is working as a head of administration and commercial at Switz Foods Pvt Ltd which is one of the largest bakery chains in eastern India. Her own personal blog The Culinary Commentator was the winner at IFBA in the year of 2016 in the Restaurant Review Category by the Food Blogger Association in India.
  3. Debjanee Chatterjee: Most of us know about her blog Debjanir Rannaghar which is a creation of this avid food blogger by passion in the year 2011. Her blog is also providing the tips, suggestions and ideas of travel diaries, reviews, and street food stories and so on.Bhetki Begum Bahar her one of the Popular Dish:
  4. Sudeshna Banerjee: Sudeshna Banerjee started her own blog Cook Like A Bong for all to cook Bengali dishes at their home. You could find more than 300 recipes in her blog.
  5. Sayantani Mahapatra: The founder of A Homemaker’s Diary provides old Bengali traditional recipes as well as other kinds of recipes from all over the world. She is the mother of two beautiful kids and a self employed designer.Jukti Phool Er Shukto – One of the Popular Dish in her Blog:
  6. Poushali Sikdar Chatterjie:The Masala Route, where the food blogger Poushali shares the recipes which are already tried and tested in her own kitchen. In her Blog, she has not limited herself to Bengali dishes, but shares recipes from all corners of India and World. Here, you can find Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Indian, Bengali as well as other recipes shared by her. She is an Engineer by profession yet passionate about food and cooking. She had already shared more than 148 recipes in her blog and you could find lots more recipes apart from this in The Masala Route. Not only cooking, you can also find various hotel and restaurant reviews, food decoration ideas gave by her in this blog that will definitely help you all for selecting hotels and restaurants as well to decorate your dishes at your home easily.One of the Popular Post by Poushali: Top 20 Mango Recipes You Must Try (Mango Mania)Mango Mania
  7. Rimli: The journey of Rimli started as a Food Blogger with her inspiring food blog Scratching Canvas. Rimli is a cook, photographer and author of this blog and experiments a lot with her dishes before they reach the perfection.