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Top 6 Pizza Joints of Chennai that you Shouldn’t Miss


Nobody would have thought that a small idea of innovating flatbread with tomato toppings would take the world by rage. Packed in a square box, prepared in round shape and served in triangular slices, pizza remains the most intriguing food of all. Love for this food can never be explained and it is not restricted to one particular country but is universal. With this much of love and attention from all over the world, Chennai also doesn’t fall behind in delivering some of the lip-smacking pizza varieties. Every time when we talk about pizza one might be skeptical about the cost. To ease this, read on to know about handpicked pocket-friendly pizzerias’ in the Chennai city.

Superstar Pizza

This one is the latest addition to all the quirky pizza outlets in the city. Superstar pizza was launched in the breezy Besant Nagar Avenue with a killer theme. Yes. This pizza outlet is all about our Thalaivar- Superstar Rajnikanth. Every hardcore Thalaivar fan would never miss this amazing ambiance that is filled with the images and decors depicting every milestone movies of Superstar. Coming to the food part, according to the name of the outlet, pizzas’ are also named after box office hits of Superstar. Go indulge in some filmy eating experience with some really good variants of pizzas. One of the golden points of this place is that they have five varieties of dips at your table itself evading the time asking a waiter for the same.


Another outlet that is located in the same locale as Superstar Pizza but stands out with its distinctive menu is Kalo’s. Though it has a limited number of seats, this is one of the small food joints that come with striking Besant Nagar beach view.  Apart from pizzas they also serve wide variants of pasta, mojitos and waffles that completes a perfect meal. With reasonable pricing and commendable ambiance, this easily enters our list of pocket-friendly pizzerias. Not to forget their unlimited feast evenings during Mondays and Tuesdays starting at just INR 449.

Eagle boys

This would be the ideal outlet that serves the best pizzas with the best pricing and located in the main location of Chennai- Adyar. They have not concentrated much on the decors and it’s just a small kiosk with limited seating. On the flip side, the tastes of pizzas are nothing less than the branded pizzerias. Available in both veg and non-veg variants, Eagle boys Pizza offer home delivery and relish your taste buds at your home.

Long live pizza

Everyone would be aware of the popularity of OMR Food Street. Amidst the row of delicious food, joints are this pizzeria that serves some mouth-watering cheesy pizzas. With subtle decor and urbane ambiance, this outlet also serves crispy grilled chicken, pasta variants and a good list of desserts. This one stands out from the rest in one of the factors that they provide options to craft pizza with our favorite flavors and toppings. Under the concept of “make your own pizza” their menu contains choices for the base, add-ons and toppings of both veg and non-veg.


This joint located at Semmencherri right opposite to St. Josephs and Sathiyabama College, would be the perfect place to end a long tiring day at the office. With exquisite decor arrangement and an ample number of seats, hands down they serve some of the best both veg and non-veg pizza variants in Chennai at reasonable rates. The extremely friendly staffs would make your stay even more exciting and also do not forget to try their pasta, ravioli, and beverages. Not to forget, it is always best to go for the buffet rather than the regular order. This is because they have unlimited pizzas, desserts and one beverage at just INR 500.

Chocolate Shawarma

Who doesn’t like the combinations of chocolates, tiramisu, Oreo and Choco chip shavings served as shawarma platter? Yes. This concept has emerged in our very own Chennai city to satisfy every chocoholic. Head to Anna Nagar West and indulge in this innovative concept, which is gradually getting popular among the people at nominal costs.

Pizzas never go out of trend even after what so ever new varieties of food come into the food market. This would be the only food that will and would be loved by the people forever. This everlasting love towards this food will always benefit any pizzerias’ for the years to come.