Top 20 Pasta Dishes To Satisfy Your Inner Italian In Bengaluru

There is something about pasta that always catches our fancy. Whether it be penne, spaghetti or any other variation, it gives us a unique wholesome feeling whenever we indulge in a bowlful. Although we love cooking a simple pasta dish at home, we usually love to go all fancy and visit a local Italian joint to satisfy our love for pasta. 

Here are a few restaurants in Bengaluru which always gives us the perfect dose of the pasta love. 

1. Shrimp Ravioli at Cafe Mezzuna, St. Marks Road

The shrimp ravioli at Cafe Mezzuna has sumptuous flavours from the prawns cooked in a beautiful dill-caper butter sauce topped it off with some lime zest. 


2. Italian Pasta Alfredo at Truffles, Koramangala

Italian Pasta Alfredo is a traditional dish served up with a twist at Truffles. The addition of red and yellow zucchini provides the earthy flavours, providing a perfect combination for the white mushroom sauce. 


3. Fettuccine Siciliana at Chianti, Indiranagar

Tomatoes are the main attraction in the dish served at Chianti. A freshly made fettuccine topped with succulent tomato sauce and sun-dried tomatoes with an addition for red chilli and basil for that extra flavour boost. 


4. Baked Spaghetti Napolitana at Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala

Indulge in some baked goodness and some guiltless hogging with the baked spaghetti napolitana. The layers of spinach gives it the necessary nutritional boost, which could somewhat be negated by the pasta being stuffed with cheese. Still good though. 


5. Curried Deli Vegetable Lasagna at Smoke House Deli, Indiranagar

An Italian dish with an Indian twist? Yes, it sounds blasphemous but Smoke House Deli pulls it off quite well. The elegant flavours of curried vegetables goes spectacularly well with the lasagna giving in brownie points in the uniqueness scale. 


6. SMT Non Veg Risotto at Salt Mango Tree, Whitefield

Risotto is quite a difficult dish to pull off and Salt Mango Tree serves it up quite well. The Non-vegetarian risotto is perfectly cooked with tender chicken and corn giving it a crunchy texture to complement the creamy risotto. 


7. Pomodoro E Mozzarella Pasta at Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

A rich pomodoro sauce made with tomatoes is the star of this dish at Big Brewsky. This pasta dish has a whole range of flavours, from tangy to spicy with the added creamy goodness of the mozzarella cheese. 


8. Penne & Spaghetti Flamed Twister at Once Upon A Flame, HSR Layout

Two for the price of one with the flamed twister plate served at Once Upon a Time. The plate is divided into the tanginess emanating from the spaghetti while the penne goes for a conventional creamy base. 


9. Rigatoni Alla Siciliana at Toscano, Whitefield

Although we don’t normally prefer the outlets, Toscano’s pasta keeps us coming back for more. The rigatoni alla siciliana is our personal favourite with a delicately prepare roasted egg plants and bell peppers tossed in a oregano flavoured tomato sauce. 


10. Mac and Cheese at Fat Fanny’s Cafe, Koramangala

Although mac and cheese is not a traditional Italian dish, bear with us for a minute. One of our favourite variations of the mac and cheese is definitely made at Fat Fanny’s cafe for only one reason, BACON. 


11. Spaghetti and Meat Balls at Connie’s Restaurant and Steakhouse, Kammanahalli

This is the holiest of the Italian dishes which puts us in a great mood if done well. The spaghetti and meatballs served at Connie’s is the perfect variation of this succulent dish and we never forget to order it when we visit. 

Photo by Karen Tedesco

12. Cheesy Bechamel Sauce Macaroni at Glen’s Bakehouse, Indiranagar

We usually tend to follow the process of ordering dishes based on names and nothing piques our interest more than “cheesy” right in the beginning. The classic bechamel sauce gets all elegant with an overdose of cheese. 


13. Vine Ripened Tomato, Pecorino and Pine Nut Tortellini at The Glass House, Lavelle Road

The most exquisite pasta dish we’ve ever had in Bengaluru, The Glass House’s elegance shows through in this dish. A beautifully plated tortellini has flavours abound with a delicious pesto sauce complemented by the olives.


14. Gnocchi Pesto Genovese at District 6, Malleshwaram 

Although technically not a pasta dish, the Gnocchi Pesto Genovese is as Italian as they come at District 6, a place made famous for its German cuisine. Confused? We were too when we ordered the dish and found it to be the most delicious variation of Gnocchi we’ve had in Bengaluru. 


15. Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli at Olive Beach, Brigade Road

The delicious ravioli could never fail to amaze us whenever we order it in restaurants and Olive Beach’s variation is one of our person favourites. 


16. Peas and Fennel Risotto  at The Boozy Griffin, Koramangala

Although famous for its pub grub, The Boozy Griffin serves up a mean risotto. Vegetarian risottos are not really our preference but this variation is too good not to include in the list. 


17. Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (Penne) at Cafe Cerrise, Ulsoor

Chicken meatballs? Yes, we thought twice as well when we looked over the menu before ordering. To our surprise, it was as good as the traditional variation. 


18. Basil Macaroni Pasta at Smally’s, Church Street

The basil macaroni pasta served at Smally’s sounds traditional but it is anything but. The flavours of the basil puts an elegant touch to a traditional macaroni dish. 


19. Penne Arabiatta at Mustard Cafe, Koramangala

Mustard cafe always tickles the right spot when it comes to their dishes on the menu and their penne arabiatta is no different. The penne pasta is coated with fresh made tomato sauce and topped off with some shredded parmesan cheese, making it a delicious treat. 

mustard cafe

20. Risotto Con Asparagi at Little Italy, Koramangala

Although Little Italy’s risotto comes last on the list, it is first in our hearts. The beautifully prepared creamy risotto is cooked in a white wine sauce and topped it off with parmesan cheese. The perfect finisher. 


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