Top 15 Special Recipes For The Pongal Festival

Pongal is a four day, harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, it’s festivities rooted in Tamil culture. During this season, many delicacies are prepared in households all over the state to celebrate the harvest festival. Here are a few delicious and simple Pongal recipes that you can prepare this season!


1. Sakkarai Pongal Recipe


A traditional recipe for sweet pongal using jaggery.


2. Thiruvathirai Kootu Recipe

thiru kootu

A delicious South Indian dish that would pair well with rotis or rice.

3. Akkara Adisal Recipe


An authentic Iyengar recipe to make creamy akkara adisal.


4. Thalagam Kuzhambu Recipe


A special South Indian dish that goes well with yellow pongal, idlis, or even steamed rice.


5. Kalkandu Pongal Recipe


A rich sweet rice recipe made using rock sugar (kalkandu).


6. Ulundu Vadai Recipe


Ulundu Vadai, also known as Medhu Vadai, is a South Indian snack that’s doughnut shaped and filled with spices.


7. Puliyodarai Recipe


A simple recipe for South Indian tamarind rice.


8. Puran Poli Recipe


Stuffed Indian bread with a sweet filling.


9. Avial Recipe


You’ll definitely find this dish served at Tamil and Keralite feasts!


10. Kothamalli Sadham Recipe


A simple and quick recipe for rice flavoured with coriander leaves.


11. Andhra Pulihora Recipe


A popular Andhra dish, pulihora, is also known as tamarind rice.


12. Thengai Sadam Recipe


A South Indian specialty rice, this dish of coconut flavoured rice is often made during festive seasons.

13. Lemon Rice Recipe

lemon rice

A simple lemon rice recipe that you can make for lunch anytime.

14. Pudina Rice Recipe

pudina rice

A delcious and healthy mint rice recipe.


15. Peanut Rice Recipe

peanut rice

Rice gets a nutty makeover in this easy and quick recipe.