Top 15 Indian Dosa Recipes

1.Masala Dosa Recipe

A South Indian delicacy that is now popular all over the world. It may take time but it’s completely worth it.

2.Ragi Dosa Recipe

A fermented recipe of ragi or finger millet dosa made with ragi flour, urad dal and idli rice.

3.Egg Dosa Recipe

Mutta dosa / Egg dosa – a healthy, tasty and food which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

4.Onion Rava Dosa Recipe

An easy dosa that requires no fermentation but delivers all the tastiness a dosa is expected to!

5.Cheese Dosa Recipe

Steaming hot dosa, stuffed with cheese stuffing, will be loved by kids a lot. This can be packed in lunch as well.

6.Potato Dosa Recipe

Potato dosa is a yummy tasting dosa which is a real bliss for potato lovers. Potato dosa with soft and spongy texture is prepared by adding boiled grated potato in maida batter and cooked like regular dosa.

7.Pesarattu Dosa Recipe

Pesarattu is not only easy to prepare but also very nutritious as we are using green gram to make this dosa . A delicacy from Andhra Pradesh, it is sometimes served with plain upma (pesarattu with upma is know as MLA pesarattu) and ginger chutney.

8.Godhuma Dosa Recipe

Wheat dosa / Godhuma dosa is an instant dosa recipe for breakfast, a quick alternative for Chapati.

9.Benne Dosa Recipe

Davangere is a city in central karnataka. karnataka is one of the states in south india. there are some dishes unique to davangere and benne dosa is one of them.

10.Tomato Dosa Recipe

Tomato Dosa Recipe is yet another South Indian variety of Dosa which is popularly eaten for breakfast in many parts of India.

11.Neer Dosa Recipe

A delicacy made out of rice, unique to the region of dakshin kannada and udipi district. The word ‘neer’ means water. The dish is called so because the batter is watery.

12.Aval Dosa Recipe

Dosas are one of the most popular South Indian breakfast. Dosas are usually made of fermented rice and lentil batter and a few varieties of Dosa can be prepared instantly. The Aval/ Poha Dosa Recipe is perfect for busy weekday breakfast or dinner option that is made from flattened rice

13.Pizza Dosa Recipe

Pizza is one of the favourite dish for all kids.We can make this yummy Pizza Dosa with our home.Pizza Dosa is more pleasing and appetizing and would attract all of us.

14.Farali Dosa Recipes

Here is another famous south indian delicacy to please your palate on a fasting day. Best enjoyed with green chutney or peanut and curd chutney.

15.Chocolate Dosa Recipe

Chocolate dosa is a kid special recipe, can be served for breakfast or as a snack.