Top 11 Food Blogs You Need To Be Following in Kolkata

Here is the list of top Food bloggers across Kolkata. This list does not stop with restaurants and street food places in Kolkata, it also covers some authentic food blogs. It is also to be mentioned that most of these food bloggers do not stop at web blogging, but also very much active in social microblogging sites like Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, tumblr etc. A perfectly curated list of Kolkata’s top food blogs!

1.Cook like a Bong

BongCook presents authentic Bengali and Indian recipes cooked in her kitchen. Sudeshna Banerjee started her food blog named Cook like a Bong for people to cook Bengali cuisine at their home and master it. This food blog was started in 2007 and now has more than 300 recipes for readers to browse through.


2.Mint’s Recipes 

A food blog with delicious Indian vegetarian dessert and appetizer recipes In Hindi and English. Make this to create a
lifetime of cherished memories


3.Bong Mom’s CookBook

Bong Mom’s Cookbook is a collection of Bengali Recipes representing the Bengali Cuisine. It also has those recipes that are non-bengali but which we loved.

This food blog was started by Sandeepa who loves to eat, cook and then feed others. She started this blog to document her food experiments and to share the Bengali dishes with non-Bengali cooks to try at home. Although you will find a lot of recipes on Bengali cuisine, this food blog is not limited to just that and also encompasses other cuisines like Punjabi, Chinese, Tibetan, etc.


4.Poorna Banerjee 

Poorna Banerjee is a Kolkata-based restaurant consultant and food critic. Her blog Presented by P explores various types of cuisines, travel sites, lifestyle hacks, and beauty ideas. She reviews restaurants and hotels in Kolkata.



Kolkata Foodie which was started by Ritika Jaiswal who is a budding food blogger and an aspiring pastry chef. The
Foodie is a simple yet helpful food blog where you will find all the information about happening food events in Kolkata, amazing food and entertaining places to visit in Kolkata, and numerous recipes to help your inner cook. All of the posts on this food blog are detailed and a colorful and nice picture is attached to it to tempt you into trying it out.


6.Debjanir Rannaghar

Debjani is a passionate food blogger who used to experiment with food recipes since she was small and became a foodie later on in college. Now, she has immersed herself completely in cooking and started her food blog ‘Kitchen of Debjani’ in 2011 in order to document all her cooking adventures and stories related to it. Although initially, she started the food blog only to record her food recipes but now she also uses it to review restaurants, street foods, travel food and etc.,


7.Color and Spices 

This food blog is segregated into a few categories like Vegetarian dishes, Baking, Desserts, Meat, Egg, and so on which readers can choose from. Once you open a category menu, you will be met with several different recipes along with a high-quality delightful food image attached with each of these food recipes. A recipe and food photography blog mainly with recipes from Bengali cuisine, also experimental recipes from around the


8.Rukshana Kapadia 

Rukshana is Founder of the Kolkata Food Fanatics a small but close-nit group of Food Enthusiasts and Bloggers who meet regularly to discuss and share ideas on all things Culinary.


9.Scratching Canvas 

Scratching Canvas is inspiring food blog where you can read the food and travel journey of Rimli who is the
brain and heart behind this food blog. Rimli is the cook, photographer, and author of this food blog and often
experiments a lot in the kitchen with her dishes before they reach perfection.


10.India’s Global Kitchen

India’s Global Kitchen Indian Food Blog is a forum where the author shares recipes, tried and tested in her kitchen. You can find travelogues as well!


11.A Homemaker’s Diary

A blog about Bengali and Indian food and beverages. Also, this blog is about baking cookies, cakes and bread etc.

A Homemaker’s Diary’ which was started by Sayantani Mahapatra who is a mother and a great food lover. She prepares amazing Bengali dishes and other kinds of dishes as well and then shares the recipe on her food blog for others to replicate.


Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and non-exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.