August 9, 2017

Top 15 South Indian Variety Rice Recipe

1.Pudina Rice Recipe

Mint flavored pulao is an easy to make instant rice dish to serve with onion raita in lunch or dinner.

2.Coconut Rice Recipe

If you have leftover rice, and some grated coconut then it cannot get tastier than this!

3.Carrot Rice Recipe

Delicious and easy rice recipe.

4.Capsicum Rice Recipe

Capsicum rice recipe is easy to make and flavorful dish is a simple rice recipe, quick and easy-to-make and so tasty. Capsicum and roasted peanuts gives crunchy taste!

5.Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

A jain version of the all-time favourite veggie fried rice!

6.Curd Rice Recipe

An easy and delicious curd rice recipe. Perfect to cool off in the summer.

7.Egg Pulav Recipe

Egg Pulav recipe is an ultimate meal to be enjoyed with family on weekends. If you want the pulav to be more or less spicy adjust the hotness accordingly. Egg Pulav can be cooked in a jiffy when you have sudden guest at home for a meal.

8.Karuvepillai Sadam Recipe

A delicious spicy rice with the flavour of curry leaves.

9.Lemon Rice Recipe

A simple lemon rice recipe that you can make for lunch anytime.

10.Peanut Rice Recipe

Rice gets a nutty makeover in this easy and quick recipe.

11.Jeera Rice Recipe

A mildly spiced and flavorful indian rice dish flavored with cumin.

12.Takkali Sadam Recipe

A delicious rice preparation to light up your meal.

13.Manga Sadam Recipe

A delicious mango flavoured rice.

14.Fish Pulao Recipe

Try this fish pulao recipe, you will love its taste even your family would give you many praising words on this dish for sure.

15.Soya Chunks Pulao Recipe

Long grain rice cooked with soya chunks and vegetables.

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