Top 10 South Indian Breakfast Recipes

The South Indian breakfast is an all time favourite ranging from the idli to Kerala’s popular appam served with a delicious vegetable stew. we can’t decided whether we love the cuisine from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Telangana more, we bring all of South India to you. You can happily kick start your day with some steamed idli with coconut chutney and a bowl of piping hot sambar.

If you’re looking for something simple and speedy – Here are our sensational recipes that play up the South like never before.  Now, stop drooling, start cooking.

1. Idli Recipe


idli recipe


2. Sambar Recipe




3. Appam Recipe


Appam Recipe


4. Medhu Vadai Recipe 


Medu Vadai Recipe image


5. Ven Pongal Recipe


Ven Pongal Recipe


6. Onion Uthappam Recipe 


Onion Uthappam Recipe


7. Chakkarai Pongal Recipe


Chakkarai Pongal Recipe Image


8. Masala Dosa Recipe 


South Indian Masala Dosa Recipe


9.  Kanchipuram Idli Recipe 


Kanchipuram Idli Recipe Image


10 . Upma Kozhukattai Recipe


Upma Kozhukattai Recipe