Top 10 Recipes For Christmas Dishes

There is a reason Christmas is not just ‘happy’ but ‘merry’. The day calls for tons of sweets, savouries and drinks – boozy and non. If you still haven’t chalked out your holiday menu, fret not. Here are 10 foods, drinks and snacks your Christmas will be incomplete without.


1. Herbal Christmas Tea 

Start the day with a cup of steaming Christmas tea (of course once you are done diving into your gifts).Tea Featured


2. Christmas Candy 

What is Christmas without a spiked blood sugar level? Indulge in some of these sweet treats to up the merry!christmas-teatime


3. Morning Fruit Salad 

Allow your stomach to take it easy with this morning salad before loading it with all the heavy eats.CARROTORANGESALAD1642


4. Christmas Punch  

Guzzle down this heady Christmas punch as you wait for Santa to show


5. Christmas Wreath 

Who said wreaths were only for decking up your door and halls. Use this recipe to make yourself an edible


6. Sautéed Bell Peppers 

Load up on the veggies and peppers with this sautéed pepper dish.Roasted-Bell-Pepper-Tostadas


7. Spicy Christmas Pickle

Jazz up your holiday feast with a tangy Christmas pickle.PickledVegetables4102


8. Wreath Cake 

Add some icing to you decor with this decadent wreath cake wreath cake recipe


9. Cranberry Wassail 

Burry your woes in berry with this yummy Christmas special.


10. Eggnog Poppy Seed Bread 

Avoid buying a stollen and eggnog separately and simply invest in this 2-in-1 eggnog bread.Eggnog Thumbprints Recipes