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Top 10 Pizza Recipes For Pizza Day


Pizzas make the world go round, at least it does for us pizza lovers! So don’t stop yourself from trying your hand at these drool worthy pizzas!

Barbecue Chicken Pizza Recipe

Call your gang for a pizza party and surprise them with this delicious treat!

Pizza Waffles Recipe

A fan of both pizzas and waffles? Slap them together by following this recipe and make yourself a unique dish!

Home Alone Little Nero’s Cheese Pizza Recipe

Remember Nero’s scene with the pizza guy? It was precious! Revisit this movie that’ll have you in splits along with this amazing pizza!

Spicy Pineapple Pizza Recipe

For all those who love pineapple pizza while the world complains deserve this recipe!

Mini Veggie Pizza Recipe

A special treat for kids, this recipe by Maria Goretti will make you quite popular!

Eat Pray Love Pizza Napolitana Recipe

Mama mia! Here’s a classic Italian recipe and a basic pizza that everyone should try their hand at.

Pizza Muffins Recipe

Want to try something new with your favourite dish? This will surely satiate your cooking skills and your hunger!

The Big Bang Theory – Meat Lover’s Pizza

If you like it the way Raj does, let the meat be or else just follow this recipe and give yourself a meaty, cheesy treat!

Paneer Tikka Pizza Recipe

The delectable paneer tikka on a flavourful pizza is bliss!

Nutella Pizza Recipe

This one’s for all the Nutella lovers’ who love the mouth-watering spread on everything, even pizza!

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