Top 10 Non Vegetarian Restaurants Of 2016 In Chennai

Where were the meat lovers hanging out this past year? We take a look at some of the best restaurants that had every foodie talking and every face stuffed with all the meat you can imagine!

1. Double Roti


Known to serve some of the biggest, juiciest, most meatiest burgers in the city, Double Roti makes it in the list of best places for meat lovers. 

2. Basil With A Twist


Delicious European food this way, please. Some of the must-try’s on the menu are Bruschetta, Chicken Quesadillas, Musty Creamy Chicken, and Shrimp Pasta. 

3. Absolute Barbecues 



This restaurant has been the talk of the town ever since it opened, with it’s buffet spread having lots of different kinds of meats, including rabbit, quail, and more. 

4. The Manhattan Fish Market

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The Manhattan Fish Market is every seafood lover’s dream. A whopping variety of fish, and lots of shrimp on the menu, including flaming dishes are a specialty here. 

5. Sigree Global Grill


Best place for meaty appetizers, no doubt. You’ll want to try everything on the menu, and you should, one visit at a time! Be sure to try their Biriyani too.

6. Azzuri Bay


Meaty lasagnas, satays, and pastas are a specialty at Azzuri Bay. 

7. Big Bang Theory – Bar & Kitchen

big bang theory chennai

It’s always a meat overdose – the good kind – at Big Bang Theory. A few must-have’s are the Tesseract (bacon wrapped beef), Lamb Shanks, and the Bulchi, a delicious meaty burger. 

8. California Pizza Kitchen


Home of the meatiest pizzas in the city, we love a little overdose from California Pizza Kitchen every once in a while. 

9. The Farm

sirloin steak

A one of a kind steakhouse in the city, The Farm serves up some brilliant stakes and delicious pizzas too. 

10. Bombay Brasserie


One word. Biriyani.