Top 10 Indian Non Veg Biryani Recipes

1. Chicken Biryani Recipe 

Yummy and Spicy Chettinad chicken biryani recipe is a very aromatic tasty which can be prepared quickly in restaurant style.


2. Muslim Biryani Recipe

Biryani is truly the most divine dish of all the non-veg recipes. Muslims are expert in making lipsmacking biryani. The Muslim Chicken Biryani tastes superb, fragrant, non-greasy yet finger-licking good with delicious flavor.


3. Mutton Biryani Recipe

mutton biryani recipe in andhra style is a simple and quick one suitable for bachelors, new cooks and busy folks. This is an exact replica of what we get in most south Indian good restaurants.


4. Kaadai Biryani Recipe

A quick fix biryani recipe which involves very less efforts but the taste is pretty amazing. It can make a … Heat oil in a kadai, add in boiled egg and fry till golden.


5. Fish Biryani Recipe

An ultimate favourite of all seafood lovers, this Fish Biryani recipe is prepared with basmati rice, fish fillets, dry fruits and finest spices.


6. Prawn Biryani Recipe

Like seafood? Love biryani? If you’re nodding frantically, then this rich prawn biryani is just the recipe you need to whip up tonight!


7. Keema Biryani Recipe 

Keema Biryani, the name itself makes all the non vegetarians crave for this biryani. Minced mutton combined with the aromatic rice is all you!


8. Ambur Chicken Biryani

This ambur dum biryani is totally different from traditional indian biryani recipes or hyderabadi biryani. This is almost similar to tahari recipe from hyderabad with slight variations. A Tamil Nadu special biryani recipe from ambur region which is very popular in south india mainly in vellore district of Tamil nadu..


9. Tandoori Biryani Recipe

A simple Tandoori chicken biryani recipe for you to cook a great meal for family or friends.This is the most unique thing about cooking in a tandoor is the smoky flavour that the food gets making it tastier.


10. Egg Biryani Recipe

Egg Biryani is an authentic dum biryani recipe in hyderabadi style made using eggs. Biryani is a special rice delicacy in India and it is mostly popular in Hyderabad.