Top 10 Newly Opened Restaurants of 2015 in Chennai

As we stand one step away from the end of 2015 and get set to begin a new year. Let’s take a look at what the year 2015  brought for us, it was a year of new beginnings for many restaurants in Chennai. With Chennai slowly turning into a major hub for eateries, restaurateurs are turning down south to find a spot in Chennai! Here’s our list of restaurants that opened in 2015 and changed Chennai’s food scene.  


1. Ciclo Cafe 

Ciclo-Cafe-1 (1)

Driving down the shaded Kotturpuram street, this bicycle cafe is not something anyone would miss to notice. This is a small cafe with good ambiance and very good food. One can go there for spending a peaceful afternoon away from the hullabaloo of the city 


2. Haunted


This themed restaurant  opened just months back and it is already making waves in the city. With a black magic performance for new year, the place is definitely up to something spooky all the time. It is quirky places like this that add craziness to the city! 


3. Thai Food House


The first of its kind dedicated restaurant for Thai cuisine, Thai Food House is a great place to start. 


4. The East


The recently opened oriental cuisine restaurant, The East has a wide variety of choices and it is receiving good reviews in the launch phase itself.


5. Beyond Madras At The Dining Room


If you love south-Indian food, then experience it like never before in Beyond Madras. The place is aptly named for what you’ll exeprience here is beyond everything. 


6. Orange Wok 


This new Asian restaurant has a wide and extensive range of Asian Cuisines including Burmese and Malay.  


7. Fully Local


This new eatery takes pride in being a total North Indian restaurant.


8. VeganeR


Veganism is on the rise with many supporting the cause, but only a few cafes in Chennai serve fully vegan dishes. This one joins the few. With a great environment, we are glad this place opened up. 


9. Tovo Canteen

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Another great outlet that serves american food. The specialty burgers at Tovo Canteen are a must-haves at this place. 


10. Evoke Bistro 


This is the new pub in town. Don’t miss out on some good times, only here at Evoke.