Top 10 Indian Prawn Recipes

1.Prawn that will Vindaloo you

Can you handle the heat? Go with the typical Indian stereotype and make the spice in Vindaloo count.


2.Pomfret Fish Recipe

A very easy to make masala fish marinated in a range of spices and coated in semolina before frying. Served with a sweet and tangy warm cabbage and kiwi salad.


3.Prawn Biryani Recipe

Like seafood? Love biryani? If you’re nodding frantically, then this rich prawn biryani is just the recipe you need to whip up tonight! Biryani is known far and wide as probably one of the riches, most aromatic, and regal rice dish across the globe (and we don’t even have to hit up Wikipedia to cross check that fact)! And a good amount of prawns is just about right to add a contemporary touch to the traditional recipe.

Though you can pick your choice of shrimp or prawn size for the recipe, it is best to use medium or large sized de-veined and de-shelled prawns. As for the quintessential biryani condiments, this particular biryani tastes best topped with crispy fried onions and a side of mint chutney. Follow the recipe below to make a truly magical prawn biryani at home!

Top 10 Indian Prawn Recipes

4.Tawa Masala Pomfret Recipe

If you’re a fish fanatic, then chances are that you’ve tasted (and loved) pomfret. The flakey sea fish is loved for its mild taste, thin bones, and versatility. The fish can be cooked in a number of ways right from a continental grill or Oriental pan sear to a desi tawa masala fry, and each variation tastes equally amazing.

For the masala-loving palate, the tawa masala pomfret is probably the best pick. The recipe involves marinating the fish in typical Indian spices and then cooking it on a tawa (pan) to golden crisp perfection. The preparation uses minimum oil, making it as healthy as it is tasty. Follow this recipe by Courtyrad Marriott Gurugram Downtown to whip up a smoking tawa masala pomfret at home!

Top 10 Indian Prawn Recipes

5.Tandoori Prawns Recipe

Tandoori Prawns are great and delicious starters recipe. Its simple to make at home.


6.Pepper Prawns Recipe

A simple Salt and pepper prawns recipe for you to cook a great meal for family or friends.


7.Forrest Gump Stir Fried Shrimp Recipe

In Forrest Gump, Bubba tells us about all the ways to make shrimp, including stir frying, pan frying, barbecuing, baking and boiling it. Here’s a recipe for stir fried shrimp.

Top 10 Indian Prawn Recipes

8.Chingri Macher Malaikari Recipe

Top 10 Indian Prawn Recipes

Looking for a sea-food based recipe for dinner? Then check out this shrimp and rice dish that’s made easily on a stove top in just 30 minutes.


10.Thai Fried Prawn & Pineapple Rice Recipe

Eating well during the week can be super hard sometimes. We bring you a low calorie and super quick recipe that will blow your mind. You can make this in minutes if you have everything ready. Read more to know how to make this dish.