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Top 10 Green Tea Brands In India


Do you like green tea? If yes, then it is very essential for you to know about different green tea brands available in the market. Green tea offers special benefits on your health and thus it becomes a health tonic and very popular in all over the world. Green tea contains an excellent weight loss aid, it also boosts immunity due to the antioxidant property it has. It is one of the most selling products in India and the demand is constantly going up. Known as a cup of good health, many brands have come up with their versions and this makes the market interesting.

We bring to you India’s top 10 Green tea brands and what makes them special.

1.Organic India


One of the few brands to fastly rise the popularity charts Organic India offers green tea in bags as well as in loose tea leaves form. Their motto so far has been to provide people with quality products which are capable of providing them with maximum health benefits.

Available in multiple flavours earl grey, lemon ginger, pomegranate and jasmine Organic India Green Tea can be purchased from any retail store and their own web shop as well.

However, most of the flavours in this brand are infused with a taste of Tulsi which stops many people from making a second purchase.

Price :  ₹230 (100g)

2.Typhoo Green Tea


A renowned UK brand Typhoo was acquired by ApeejaySurendra Group in the year 2005. Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and sugar this brand provides a wealth of experience of taste and wellbeing together. Available in exclusive flavours like Jasmine, Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass a daily morning dose of this tea provides its customers all the health benefits.

Equipped with a high fragrance Typhoo Green tea needs only 2 or 3 tips in hot water to provide you with an incredible taste and experience. Since it tastes so good, Typhoo Green tea can be a drink alternative for the fitness conscious and hence it becomes one of the best green tea for weight loss. However, slightly on the expensive side, this tea does not find favour with the budget conscious consumers.

Price: ₹250 (100g)

3.MSG Organic Green Tea


Available in a variety of flavours like Elaichi, Rose, Masala dip, & Tulsi etc. this green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients which calm and soothe your body with each sip. The presence of Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) has been proved to be able to combat a variety of diseases. So far Green tea has not been able to get much acceptance because of its taste as some people find it bitter to consume.

However, MSG Organic Green Tea is 100% organic, and customer reviews say that its taste is a cut above the rest. Readily available for purchase through their online shop the brand also scores on ease of purchase hence qualifies to become the best green tea in India.

Price: ₹80 (100g)

4.LaPlant Green Tea


LaPlant is a Mumbai based brand. Although the name is recent in the market, they have performed well and are progressively gaining ground. The brand offers exotic and unique blends of green tea in Tulsi, lemon and long leaf varieties. La plant is available online with ease and is reasonably priced. The tea is attractively packaged.

Price: ₹519  (100g)

5.Himalaya Green Tea


Himalaya as a brand has forayed into many segments, and green tea is one of them. Available in a ten tea bag pack it is a perfect option for those who are just starting to drink green tea.

In case you do not like the flavour you can easily experiment on another to finally pick your favourite. The smell and taste of Himalaya green tea are pretty high, and one or two dips in hot water are sufficient to give your body the relaxation that it needs. Its strong flavour makes it a favourite for those who want their brew to provide them with an impactful effect.

However, they do not have many flavours available, and hence if you are the kind of person who wants variety in his drinks, this may not be a viable choice.

Price: ₹180 (20g)

6.TajMahal Green Tea


The Taj Mahal Tea is extremely popular amongst tea brands in India. So is the herbal tea,which is offered by the brand Taj Mahal is marketed by Hindustan Unilever and is available in variants like Honey Lemon and Darjeeling that taste great and provide a range of healthy effects on the system.

Price: ₹150  (80g)

7.Jay Green Tea


Jay Green Tea is owned by Madhu Jayanti International Limited, a leading producer of consumable products. Jay green tea is a popular brand in India and offers Lemon and Pomegranate as its variants.

Price: ₹150 (25 Tea Bags)

8.Twinings Green Tea


Another UK brand Twinings has been in the tea industry since the year 1706.Like its other types, Twinings green tea has its flavours extracted from natural fruits. Drinking green tea these days is more to do with avoiding a heavy beverage like a milk tea or coffee. Twining mentions the nutritional constituency of each of its tea on the back of its pack.

Apart from the decaffeinated pure green tea version you also have exotic flavours like lemon, jasmine, Cranberry, Pomegranate, mint and ginger. Especially the mint flavour, thanks to its refreshing and light taste has been known to be pretty effective on upset tummies.

Overall it can be said that drinking a Twining green tea is more of an experience worth relishing and hence all its flavours find favour with customers.

Price: ₹800 (200g)

9.24 Mantra Organic India


The 24 mantra brand is a new entrant in this segment; however, their attempt at promoting only organic produce ensures that this tea comes with zero adverse effects. The brand is famous for its inexpensive and readily available variants making it a preferred choice for many individuals. One thing that makes this brand different from others is the fact that this tea is available in powdered and not in leaf form.

Even though this brand is available in many flavours, the taste has always been a bone of contention as most consumers are not very satisfied with it. However, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to green tea, then this brand seems to be a good option.

Price: ₹84 (50g)



A very popular green tea brand Tetley comes in many different combinations of tastes like Cinnamon and Honey, Citrus and Spice and Ginger, Mint and Lemon. Apart from that their Aloe Vera variant washes the toxins from your body and hence is the best green tea for skin beauty. On the other hand, Cinnamon and honey has an earthy flavour and would provide you instant relief after having a tiring day.

Low on the cost factor, most of the variants are available in tea bag forms and can be procured easily from any retail store. However, the promotion of this brand is not much, and hence many people do not select this product due to lack of information on the same.

Price: ₹136  (100g)

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