Top 10 Food Apps Of 2015 In India

It has been easier than ever before for food or the ingredients to make food to reach us at our leisure. A simple tap or click and you have good food delivered to your door step. Although it has made us far more lazier than before, it has also helped during those nights after work where we just cant muster the energy to go out or to make something in our kitchen. 

These apps helped us solve our food crisis in 2015. 

1. Swiggy 

Swiggy is an online food-delivery app with a promise of delivering food within 45 minutes of ordering. It has customised menus from restaurants in and around your area which you can use to order food with a few clicks. The best thing about Swiggy is that you can track your food as it makes its way to you. So, the days of trying to make the delivery boys figure out the location of your home are over. Few clicks and the food reaches you without any hassles. 


2. Zomato

Zomato has been the leader in the restaurant search platforms in India. It has become far more easier to discover new restaurants and what they have to offer, with Zomato curating menus from restaurants from all around the city. This yeah, Zomato has also entered the food-delivery portal with the introduction of their Zomato Order app. You can place orders from restaurants around your neighbourhood and enjoy a good meal in very less time. Although Zomato doesn’t offer tracking solutions like Swiggy, they have recently introduced a chat system where you can converse with a Zomato customer service executive for questions regarding your order. 


3. Grofers

Grofers has been helping us make some kick-ass food at home with home delivery of all the kitchen essentials. From groceries to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is all available to you with a few taps. Grofers has also extended its services to delivery of electronics and  other household products. Grofers promises delivery of products within 90 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for too long to make that incredible dish. 


4. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is also part of the online food delivery platforms delivering food from restaurants around your area. Although not as popular as Swiggy or Zomato, Foodpanda is a rising player in the food delivery platform. Foodpanda currently delivers in all metros with more cities being added soon. 


5. Brekkie

Ordering breakfast has never been easier. Brekkie offers many unique and innovative breakfast options for the people in Bengaluru. You can order your breakfast between 7am and 11:30 am through their app or website and the breakfast reaches you within minutes. Instead of paying for every meal, you can also subscribe to their weekly and monthly packages for an economical way to enjoy delicious breakfast every day. 


6. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Ever wonder if you are eating the right things to maintain your health. All the guesswork has been reduced with Myplate. It offers simple calorie tracker and personalised menu to help you shed those extra pounds. The daily nutrition charts and graphs helps you track your eating habits and gives you the necessary tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. 


7. Faasos

Faasos is one of the new entrants into the food delivery business. Although it started off as stand-alone restaurant for wraps and rolls, Faason expanded into a online food delivery portal. The food is prepared by a centralised kitchen and delivered to you within minutes. There is a set menu every day with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 


8. Big Basket

Big Basket is similar to Grofers in that they deliver fresh produce and groceries to your home. Although similar, Big Basket has a wider range of products to choose from, unlike Grofers and has recently partnered with Fresho to deliver handcrafted gourmet breads from around the world to your home. 


9. Holachef

Holachef is a food delivery platform which serves food made by renowned chefs to your doorstep. Holachef has a changing menu every day with delicious food made fresh by chefs working in the hospitality industry for years. 



10. Foodcloud

Foodcloud is a online portal which curates menus from home chefs in the Delhi-NCR areas and offers a easy process to deliver the food. It has a myriad of options, from main course to dessert, to choose from for your individual hogging or party catering.