Top 10 Fine Dine Restaurants Of 2015 In Bengaluru

We love to indulge once in a while in a luxurious fine-dine setting and enjoy the best of chefs preparing us delicious food and pampering us with delicacies from places we can barely spell. Although we love our local restaurants and watering holes, there is something unique about having your food in a fine-dine restaurant. From the ambiance  to the service and, of course, the food makes for an exhilarating experience. 

Here are a few restaurants which captured our fancy this year in Bengaluru. 

1. Yauatcha, MG Road

A traditional up-scale restaurant in the heart of Bengaluru serving up the best in Chinese delicacies, Yauatcha is known for its elaborate dishes bursting with flavour. 


2. Sanctum, Residency Road

A beautiful and luxurious setup featuring an elegant buffet spread, Sanctum gives you a wide variety of delicious Mediterranean cuisines cooked to perfection. 


3. Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield

Unlike many breweries in Bengaluru, Windmills Craftworks serves up the freshest of brews in a classy and suave setting. The perfect place to enjoy fresh beers with your loved one. 


4. Ottimo, ITC Gardenia, Residency Road

Located inside the beautiful and elegant ITC Gardenia, Ottimo exemplifies the beauty of fine dining restaurants and serving the best in Italian food. 


5. Caperberry, Lavelle Road

If you are in love with European cuisine with a bit of Spanish twist added to it, Caperberry is the perfect place to get your fix. Well-known for its delectable desserts, Caperberry’s spread is filled with flavours from the Reino de Espana. 


6. Karavalli, Residency Road

Authentic Mangalorean cuisine is served in this beautiful fine dining restaurant. The coastal flavours from the dishes gives you a fresh and vibrant feeling. 


7. Blue Ginger, Taj West End, Race Course Road

Blue Ginger at Taj West End is the epitome of class and luxury and features authentic preparations of Vietnamese cuisine. 


8. District 6, Sheraton Hotel, Malleshwaram

Located in a cozy corner of the Sheraton Hotel, District 6 is one of the few breweries in Bengaluru without a steady stream of ears popping music. It is the perfect spot for a quiet conversation along with a nice fresh brewed beer. 


9. JW Kitchen, JW Marriott, Lavelle Road

JW Kitchen provides a delectable spread of culinary extravagant feasts for its buffet service. The service includes dishes from cuisines all around the world served in midst of grand decor. 


10. Harima, Residency Road

Harima is famous for following the traditional Japanese customs while dining and it serves the best in traditional Japanese delicacies, making for a unique experience.