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Top 10 Ever Candy Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


1.Creepy Candy Apples

These poisonous looking black apples are sweet and delicious!

2.Peppermint Candy Recipe

What colors you make them and how you decorate them depends on the occasion. Red for Christmas!!

3.Red Candy Apples Recipe

You have to be pretty confident in your dental work to eat these! Beth lost her first tooth while eating a candy apple. What a sweet treat for the tooth fairy! Candy apples always remind me of Halloween carnivals, so we usually come home after trick-or-treating (yes, I still dress up!) and make these with our friends and all of the children. I’m not sure who eats more, the kids or the adults.

4.Candy Cane Cocoa Recipe

“The rich flavor of chocolate combines so well with peppermint. This is the perfect drink to sip while trimming the tree.”

5.Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Delicious New Ways to Prepare candy  Sweet Potatoes.Sweet potatoes have never tasted better. … Delicious sweet potato and yam recipes, perfect for cold-weather comfort food or a hearty Thanksgiving side dish

6.Crockpot Chocolate Candy Recipe

My cousin Donna Paulk is a great cook. She’s kindly given us several great recipes for this collection, including chicken soup, macaroni and cheese, beignets, and this candy. I love this kind of recipe: the candies look so pretty and appear really hard to make. People will think you’re a genius cook, which is almost embarrassing considering how easy they are to make. Just layer everything in the cooker and wait!

7.Torrones Recipe

recipe for Italian nougat candy, or torrone, that is perfect for holidays or to enjoy any time. Made up of honey, egg whites and toasted nuts.

8.Gummy Fruit Snacks Recipe

Absolutely addictive gummy candy that won’t allow you to pick up any more from the store.

9.Candy Cane Cookies III Recipe

“Great Christmas cookie!”

10.Sugar Free Gummy Worms Recipe

With a lot of gelatin and some patience, it is possible to make your favorite creepy, crawly, gummy worm candy at home.

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