Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In Chennai


With the year coming to an end, we’ve looked back on our food journey for the year in the city, and have come up with this collection of the most budget-friendly restaurants located in different parts of Chennai. Eating out has always been one of our most favourite things to do, and when the times get tough, especially with our wallets, these restaurants have always had our backs.


1. Brick House Bistro


Burgers like this won’t cost you over Rs.500 even when you pair it with a drink!



2. Fusili Reasons

Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In ChennaiA delicious line of pastas available in red, white, pink, and pesto sauces, perfect for a quick bite that will cost you very little.


3. Terrace Café and Grill

Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In ChennaiA mixed cuisine rooftop restaurant, this place comes with a cosy atmosphere and great food and drink that you can be sure to enjoy anytime. Perfect to hang out with a bunch of friends!


4. Spoonbill

bratwurst Known for their wide range of street food specials, a few must tries here are the German sausages, Tibetan momos, and sweet crepes.


5. That Madras Place

lasagna- featuredA quiet and cosy little restaurant tucked inside a street, this place makes the perfect hangout spot for friends and family, and also has a menu featuring some of the best continental selections that will leave you drooling!


6. Annachi Dosa Kadai

DosaAnnachi Dosa Kadai, by the beach on ECR, is a popular weekend hangout for families. With a menu of tempting varieties of dosas and other popular South Indian items, this place definitely can’t be missed especially because it’s super affordable and has fabulous ambiance.


7. Pantry d’Or

Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In ChennaiPantry d’Or is famous for it’s pizzas, especially because it is offered at such affordable rates, making this the number one choice for friends to come celebrate over great food!


8. Ox & Tomato

Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In ChennaiAnother great and affordable place specially for for pizzas in the city, Ox & Tomato also has great salads and sandwiches that you can binge on without feeling the weight on your wallet.


9. Samco

Top 10 Budget Restaurants For 2015 In ChennaiQuite the legendary restaurant in the city, and a popular eat out for decades, this restaurant has a well priced menu with delicacies that everyone will enjoy!


10. Azzuri Bay

artusi tiramisuIf you’re looking for a romantic place to dine out with a budget, look no further – this restaurant should be your number one choice. One look at the ambiance, and you’ll have your date wondering just how fancy this place is.