Top 10 Sweet Wine Brands


1.Allure Pink Moscato

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Bright pink color indicates the wine will be very festive in nature. Apricot, peach, bergamot, and mint flavors give our Pink Moscato a fresh and lively demeanor. The combination of bubbles and off-dry balance enhance the refreshment enjoyed with each sip.

2.Lambrusco Grasparossa

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This is the grape that makes the boldest Lambrusco wines with flavors of black currant and blueberries, supported by moderately high, mouth-drying tannin and a balancing creaminess from the Charmat sparkling production process. You’ll find this wine labeled as Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro (which includes 85% of this grape) and is great to pair with fennel-infused sausages, lasagna, or even barbecue ribs.


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Brachetto d’Acqui is a lightly sparkling wine made from the light, red Brachetto grape. It is one of the few sweet Italian wines to achieve DOCG status. Only wines produced entirely from Brachetto grapes grown in a very limited area around the town of Acqui Terme in the southern Piedmont can qualify as Brachetto d’Acqui wines. Brachetto is the grape name and Acqui Terme is the town, hence the name Brachetto d’Acqui.


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As with all Ports, these are fortified with brandy and average 20 percent alcohol. A little goes a long way. The simplest among them have a sweet, cherry candy flavor, sometimes drifting into cough syrup. Others, perhaps blended from a wider range of vintages and/or kept in cask an extra year or two, can show more mature, earthy, woodsy flavors.


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Tawny Port, like Ruby Port, is made from a blend of red wines, but is exposed to a controlled amount of air while being aged in wood, so that it loses redness and oxidizes to a golden-to-brown hue. Aged Tawny Port – labeled by the number of years it has aged, typically from 10 to 30 but as high as 50 – is generally drier than younger Ports, and has rich flavors of nuts and dried fruits.


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In food and wine pairings, Maury is often served as an apéritif or as an accompaniment to foie gras, duck and strong blue cheeses, such as Stilton and Roquefort. For dessert, aged Maury, much like Banyuls, is a perfect pairing for chocolate.


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Banyuls wines are made from grapes harvested in the early fall, when they reach a naturally high level of sweetness. The reds are fermented as whole berries, while the whites and rosés are fermented free from any pulp, seeds or skins. During the long maceration period, which lasts from three to six weeks, the naturally high levels of grape sugars are translated into a final alcohol level of more than 15%. The process of mutage (the use of sulfur or alcohol additions to stop must fermenting) is used to stop the fermentation process at the appropriate time, and establish a balance between residual sugar and final alcohol levels.


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Blandy’s 10 Year Old Malmsey Madeira is bottled ready to drink after an average of at least ten years of cask aging. It has a t-cap closure, which means that you don’t need a corkscrew to open it and that it will stay fresh for many months if stored in a cool, dark place or refrigerator. Serve it in a glass with at least a six ounce capacity so that you may appreciate the wine’s aromas. It is delicious with nutty desserts like almond cake or pecan pie and anything made with rich chocolate! In warmer months, try it chilled for a refreshing dessert in a glass.


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Vin Santo grapes are left on straw mats over winter to dry and concentrate, a process that typically results in high sweetness levels, the finished wine may be sweet (amabile) or dry (secco) depending on the desiccation level of the grapes. Of the four Tuscan Vin Santo DOCs, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico was the first, established in 1995, and is still the most acclaimed; white Vin Santo may be made from a minimum of 60% Trebbiano Toscana or Malvasia grapes while red Vin Santo (known as “Occhio di Pernice”) is made from at least 80% Sangiovese grapes.


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Six Grapes is a big-hearted wine, sourced from the same vineyards that contribute to Graham’s famed Vintage Ports. It closely resembles a young Graham’s Vintage Port in style: full-bodied, with rich black fruit on the palate, and fragrant blackberry aromas.


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