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Too Much Of Vitamin A Could Be Bad For Your Bone Health Says Research


A recent study published in the Journal of Endocrinology suggests that excess amount of Vitamin A in the human body can cause weakening of the bone leaving them prone to fractures. While the vitamin is necessary for  growth, vision, immunity and organ function and one can find them easily in foods like meat, dairy products and vegetables; the excess amount of it in the body through supplements can lead to bone damage.

Bone Damage By Vitamin A

“Previous studies in rodents have shown that vitamin A decreases bone thickness but these studies were performed with very high doses of vitamin A, over a short period of time. In our study we have shown that much lower concentrations of vitamin A, a range more relevant for humans, still decreases rodent bone thickness and strength,” said Dr Ulf Lerner at the University of Gothenburg.

The conclusions found by Lerner and his colleagues were that Vitamin A supplements might pose a threat to bone density in humans. “Overconsumption of vitamin A may be an increasing problem as many more people now take vitamin supplements. Overdose of vitamin A could be increasing the risk of bone weakening disorders in humans but more studies are needed to investigate this. In the majority of cases, a balanced diet is perfectly sufficient to maintain the body’s nutritional needs for vitamin A,” said Lerner.