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Amp Up Your Toast With Starbucks’ Avocado Spread! #POLL


Over the last year or two, avocados have rapidly gained popularity in the health foods department. The food is being loved and gobbled by the health conscious and food aficionados alike, and that may well increase with Starbucks’ latest contribution to the avocado fan club. Behold, the coffee giant’s organic avocado spread! Although, we must inform you that the avocado spread isn’t all that new. Starbucks had been spreading the love (pun intended) for quite some time, but now the avocado product will be available across all Starbucks outlets in USA.

But what’s the big deal about this organic spread? We can always squish up some avocado at home and male toast, right? Starbucks’ avocado spread packs a healthy and delicious punch with organic Hass avocados. Then, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, and lime juice in it. Can whip that up at home now, can you? The chain suggests you smear the avocado spread on your bagels or amp up your breakfast sandwiches with it. Though you can purchase the spread separately as well.

Image: Business Insider 

So, are you game for some of this organic avocado spread by Starbucks? Let us know you opinion in the poll below!

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