Tipper On The Roof Is Selling Beer For INR 2 On Their Birthday!
August 29, 2017
Christina George (1182 articles)

Tipper On The Roof Is Selling Beer For INR 2 On Their Birthday!

When you’re in Bengaluru and have recently found out that alcohol can now be served in city limits, every day is a party. However, Tippler on the Roof in Indiranagar is actually having a party. The Russian themed rooftop pub is celebrating its second birthday with beer at only Rs. 2!

No, you aren’t imagining it, Tippler is offering beer at 2 Rupees on August 30th, 5 pm onwards so save the date! The only catch is, you actually have to bring change. So break your (or your younger sibling’s) piggy bank (you’ll replace the money obviously) and head on over to Indiranagar!

Tipper on the Roof is making this celebration huge, they even have Karaoke! What could be better than 2 Rupee beer and belting out some Vengaboys (or some other band that could never match up) on a cool Wednesday evening?

So, grab the gang and bundle up for what is certain to be an unforgettable celebration. Be sure to head in as early as possible as the beer is only available as long as stocks last – the early bird gets the worm (or beer)!

Date: 30th August 2017

Timings: 5 pm onwards

Place: Tippler on the Roof, Indiranagar



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Christina George

Christina George

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