All The Times Priyanka Chopra Was The Queen Of Glam & Grubs

It’s Priyanka Chopra’s birthday today and what better than today to recount all the times the actress was more a foodie than a diva. From her days of running for the Miss India pageant to adorning global red carpets with her stunning self, if there is one thing Chopra hasn’t given up is her seamless love for food. And here are the 5 times that she left us all swooning without so much as given her calorie count a second thought.


  1. When Her Love For Burgers Was a 100% Relatable

Who would have thought that her go-to snack before facing a paparazzi storm would be an In-n-Out burger? And who thought that eating a burger could be done in such a glam and affluent manner?

  1. When She Revealed This About Her Fitness Regime

For all of us who have followed how, when, and what Priyanka Chopra does to maintain than Baywatch-worthy form, we’d know that she does, well, nothing. Yep, apparently even her metabolism is “on point” and a minimal amount of exercise can help her create a statement look. Sigh.

  1. When She Beat Jimmy Fallon At A Wings Eating Competition

On air. She beat Fallon at one of his own whacky games, which was a chicken wings eating competition on air. The Quantico star ate more wings than the host and, oh, the wings were drizzled with Tabasco sauce, by the way.

All The Times Priyanka Chopra Was The Queen Of Glam & GrubsImage: The Indian Express


  1. And Finally, When She Was Nicknamed For Her Love of Food

Yep, Piggy Chops is Piggy Chops not only because of the similarity in initials but because she loves food. “The ‘Piggy’ in that nickname comes from the fact that I love food! It was sort of cute when I was first called that, but now I feel the joke has been stretched too far”, she said in an interview with The Indian Express.

And that’s how it’s done folks!