All The Times Kenny Sebastian Was The Voice Of Every Indian Food Lover

It’s okay to be middle class, a fact that India’s up and coming generation of stand-up comedians have validated. With their real life accounts of how they grew up in a middle class setting with hilariously relatable situation like ordering only what you can eat at restaurants, desserts being a strict NO, the presence of the quintessential casserole in every kitchen, and so on. And we wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the inly most consistent middle class comedian is Kenny Sebastian, the man who has done a PhD on chai time biscuits. So here’s a quick look at his best middle class rants that every foodie can relate to!


  1. Things Found In Every Kitchen

Whaddup, casserole!


  1. Middle Class Restaurant Problems

“One fried rice, one noodles, and one gravy.” Two if you’re fancy enough.


  1. Chai Time Biscuits

As mentioned before, the man has done his homework on this topic.


  1. The Saintly Dosa

This one’s the latest addition to Sebastian’s collection. The crux of the matter is that all is well when there’s dosa!