It’s Time You Indulged In Some Serious Binjj Eating

The market has been seeing a number of start-ups mushrooming the foodtech space. From start-ups that deliver at home to start-ups that take you places, we’ve seen it all. But the dreams are infinite and dreamers avid. 


How Did Binjj Happen?

On a flight back from Japan, a young graduate from Babson was struck with the vision of seeing India as a super power. Enter Binjj. With its head office in Delhi, Binjj is a first of its kind location-based mobile app system that facilitates users to have access to the best deals and discounts in restaurants near them. This makes eating out for the app-users an even more satisfying experience.


The brainchild of founder & CEO Viraj Gadokhe, Binjj was based on the idea to use technology to help consumers find meals near them at great prices. “I have always wanted to create something extraordinary and build products that challenge the status quo. The thrill achieved from disrupting the conventional with new solutions and processes to enhance consumer lives is what creates the spark”, says Gadokhe. With a strategy that targets the younger crowd, Binjj has received a lot of positive response from the foodie strata and has been gaining popularity all around town. “We want to be a young quirky brand that appeals to students and young professionals looking for a tasty value for money meal”, adds the young entrepreneur.


The Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Binjj started off with $10,000 in its kitty and a team of 5 young dreamers. The numbers have gone up and so have the challenges. With competitors like Zomato, Foodpanda, Dineout and Coupondunia already ruling the market, Binjj has a huge territory to mark and an even bigger goal to strike. “We are a platform business with the classic ‘chicken’ and ‘egg’ problem. Currently, we are working with top restaurants and quick service chains to build base case content that shall be valuable to the consumers. We want to reach a point where the restaurant launches a discount or an offer the same way you post an Instagram post with least involvement of our sales team”, explains Viraj.



Why So J?

As much as the whole concept of this app fascinated us, the name too got us hooked on to it. And interestingly enough, that too has a story behind it! The idea was clearly to link the name to the food term binge – no rocket science there – but why the ‘jj’? “Everyone loves to binge and that’s essentially what we want our consumers to do. The only problem was that I dint like the way it is spelt coupled with a fear of infringing on Microsoft’s search engine trademark Bing. So we dropped the ‘ge’ and replaced it with a ‘J’ making it Binj. Yet another ‘J’ was added soon after my numerologist aunt go a whiff of what we are up to”, explains Gadokhe.


Work Hard. Play Harder.

The Binjj team is far from the maxim ‘all work and no play’. “We make it a point to have fun everyday, starting the day with our respective team meetings to discuss the tasks and targets. The afternoon sees all of us wiring in to complete our respective tasks till we leave for the day. You will find us occasionally playing a game of chess or carrying out an intense discussion on some news topic or on the views of a latest book one of us has recently read. We make it point to binge over lunch together on all our lovely home cooked meals,” said the CEO, ladies and gentlemen!

A food fanatic himself, Viraj Gadokhe will binge on anything right from his colony’s chhola kulcha to a fancy fine dining restaurant. Now that’s the sign of a true foodie right there!