Tim Tai Is Now Doing A Bento Box & You’ll Definitely Want To Try It

Japanese food trends are legendary, and they’ve blessed us with many trends that have gone mainstream! If you’re a lover of the Bento Box, Tim Tai has the perfect meal in a box for you.

Tim Tai introduces their new Bento Box range, ideal for single dining, if you just want a little bit of everything on your plate!


So whether it is a weekend dinner you are indulging in or a quick workday nutritious meal, the Bento Box from TimTai will have a mix of traditional Malay and Thai with a portion of rice, curry, a bit of crunch balanced with a selection of pickled veggies for that quintessential Asian experience

From a Suang Latang Chi Soup, Chinese Green in Black Bean Sauce, Crispy Lotus stem in honey chilly, a healthy nutritious and an equally tasty meal will surely be something you need to try.

So, head to Tim Tai and try the Bento for the Day, starting today 22nd January

Price: INR 399/- onwardsFor reservations: 0720-419-8888

Where: Tim Tai at 130, 1st A Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru