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Tim Tai Is Celebrating 5 Years Of Delicious Food With A Spanking New Menu


If you’re a fan of Pan-Asian cuisine, then you’ll definitely have heard about Tim Tai, an adorable restaurant in the Koramangala that serves up some delectable dishes! 5 years ago, Tim Tai opened its doors with a mission to get out some amazing Asian food, and they’ve definitely fulfilled the brief.

On the occasion of their 5th anniversary, the restaurant is reinventing itself with a new menu, a refurbished interior and a range of exciting dining experiences. Known for offering food easy on the palate with a clean aftertaste, the brand has come back in a modern avatar plating up contemporary Asian food handpicked to be reminiscent of the authentic cuisines.

From a single diner menu to a corporate spread, a seafood special to a menu for TaKo Bowls, Tim Tai has curated the menu with dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds. So, head to Tim Tai to discover Asia on a plate with dishes such as the Crackling Rice Manchow Soup, Lotus Stem Wafers, traditional Javanese Duck Curry, the Cantonese Straw vegetables, Jakarta style Chilli Sambal Prawn, stuffed Litchi fritters with Coconut crème and much more including many of the old classics.

A world of Asian gastronomic delight awaits you at Tim Tai!

Venue: Tim Tai, Koramangala

Price: INR 350/- Onward

For Reservations: Call – 07204198888

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