Tiffin Centre In Warangal Found To Be Unhygienic

A tiffin centre in the Warangal town of Telangana has been found to be unhygienic. A customer was served roti and curry and he found a dead rat in the gravy reports Mumbai Mirror. The incident happened on Tuesday and the customer immediately alerted the canteen of it.

Rat In The Curry

The report further says that the tiffin centre where the incident happened is situated in the Subedari area of Warangal. A Ramesh who got the serving of food with the dead rat fell sick immediately. He had come down to the place to have a meal and bring his ailing wife a parcel who is currently admitted in a private hospital.

Tiffin Centre In Warangal Found To Be Unhygienic

“When I was dipping a roti piece in potato – brinjal mixed curry, I found a black item looking like a brinjal piece. As I picked it up for a bite, I was shocked to discover that it was a dead rat,” Ramesh told Mumbai Mirror. He also told the publication that he alerted the canteen and told the others patrons not to eat the food. The vendors however insisted that only the curry had the rat.

The customer even wanted to file a complaint with the police but the matter went to the food inspector. “We have not registered any case. The matter falls under the food inspector’s purview,” Subedari police inspector told Mumbai Mirror. On talking to a local health officer, the publication found out that the hotel had unhygienic conditions due to which this incident has occurred.

In-article Image: New Indian Express