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The three Best Ice-Cream Shops in Chennai.


Icecreams of Chennai

Most people see chennai as a place where the dosa and the sambar-vadai are king. But chennai also has an amzingly vibrant ice-cream market, and some of the
best ice-cream shops are listed below.
Amadora icecream- A quaint ice-cream shop Amadora icecream is located near Wallace Gardens, in an area with many ice-cream shops. But it is by far the best
shops. But it is by far the best of all of them. It serves excellent ice-cream, all made in the best possible quality, with the best possible ingredients.
It has simple but pleasent ambience, and excellent service. The ice-creams are diverse, with normal flavors, such as chocolate brownie, to unusual, like
stratiacella and orange chocolate, to the-never-before-seen, like cereal milk! It’s an excellent experience and I recommend it.
Saravana Icecream- Surprised? Don’t be. Sarvana is, of course famous for it’s dosa. But it’s ice-cream is also phenomenal. It’s not diverse, but tastes
deliciuos. You can have a dosa lunch and then have ice-cream as dessert.
Ibaco- One of the best branded chains in chennai, with diverse flavors and prompt service. A must-try.