This Weekend, The Original Elites of Bombay – Pathare Prabhus come to Bombay Vintage

Bombay Vintage in association with Authenticook is hosting a very special Pathare Prabhu meal, this weekend! Known as the original elites, the Pathare Prabhus are known to serve a feast fit for royalty. One of the oldest residents of Mumbai and indulge in seafood and meat on equal levels. They have retained their culture to date and it represents the culture of Bombay as it once was. Samiksha and her mother, Seema will be working with the kitchen team at Bombay Vintage to bring to you a Pathare Prabhu feast fit for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

After delighting the patrons with the rare secret recipes from Bombay Catholic menu, followed by serving rare dishes of the Parsi Lagan Nu Bhonu menu, then serving an authentic Koli Cuisine followed and very recently the Shetty Lunch Home delicacies by Shriya Shetty, Bombay Vintage in collaboration with Authenticook again is all set to celebrate the original inhabitants of the city, the Pathare Prabhus with a Pathare Prabhu Pop-up this weekend. Prepared with the freshest of fish using homemade masalas, this original Bombay meal will be available at Bombay Vintage on 18th to 20th October 2019.

Meet The Chefs!

Born in Mumbai, Samiksha was brought up by her grandparents in the Western suburbs of the city. She has learned all Pathare Prabhu delicacies by observing her grandmother and mother in the kitchen. Samiksha and her mother, Seema are showcasing the Pathare Prabhu dishes through this restaurant pop-up.

Now For The Food

This Weekend, The Original Elites of Bombay - Pathare Prabhus come to Bombay Vintage

A set meal available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian option includes Pangoji – fritters made of wheat aata and maida, Crispy Fry Karela – a delicious recipe made using bitter gourd, Chatnicha Saranga – Pomfret marinated in a green chutney and fried for a crispy crunchy treat, Pangoji With Shrimps – Fritters made of wheat aata, maida and prawns. Mains include – Shirali Vatane – a basic dish made with ridge gourd and peas, Surnache Gode – Elephant foot curry made using the Gode Masala, Bharli Vangi and Tomate Chi Sheer. Also on the menu is Kolumbi Cha Lonche – a tangy prawn pickle, Gode Mutton, Bombil Bhujna – Bombay duck prepared in spicy Pathare Prabhu red curry and Prawn Tomato Chi Sheer – using tomatoes and prawns. Pair your mains with Vatanya Chi Khichidi – a simple Khichidi made with green peas.

End your authentic Pathare Prabhu experience with Airolya – a traditional dessert that is guaranteed to hit the sweetest spot.

So come, make yourself comfortable in the beautiful and elegant setting of Bombay Vintage and enjoy an authentic meal served in a thali at your table.

Date: 18th – 20th October 2019

Time: Lunch and Dinner: 1 pm and 7.30 pm

Price: INR 1,150/- (Vegetarian) and INR 1,625/- (Non-Vegetarian) per person Book Now

Contact Number: 022 22880017 or 022 22880019

Address: Bombay Vintage, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai 400001