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This Video Shows You How Different Salads Around The World Actually Are


Salads are pretty much the same; a couple of veggies tossed in a dressing with a little cheese or some nuts, right? Wrong. It’s time for salad to shed that ‘boring’ tag and for people to sit up and take notice of how versatile the salad actually is.


Like every kind of food you can possibly name, salads are completely different around the word. While some countries include beans and cold cuts in their salad combinations, others go a little more exotic and add fried oyster to their favourite salads.

Food, People, Places, an awesome YouTube channel dedicated to making drool worthy videos has created a video to show you just how versatile salad really is. Apart from equipping you with a little bit more information about the varied salad culture, the video has beautiful shots of food flying towards you that might just have you running towards the fridge. What are you waiting for? Watch the video and start craving salad!