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This Video Of An Artist Making Miniature Sushi Will Astound You!


Miniature sushi is a thing. ‘What?!’ we can hear you say. ‘Isn’t sushi already light and small enough? That’s true, it is. However, watching this adorable video will still all the questions (and possible outrage) in your mind because it is heart wrenchingly adorable.

In it, a Japanese artist cooks a thimble sized cup of rice in a cooker that he can fit in the  palm of his hand. The chef then rolls the rice, along with a sliver of tuna in a tiny sheet of nori. Using tweezers, he arranges ginger and wasabi on a miniature plate and then finishes his sushi serving with a few drops of soy sauce.


As anyone who has ever tried it would know, sushi is incredibly hard to make. Sushi chefs can go through years training to learn how to create the perfectly constructed, clean piece of sushi. Imagine how much harder it was for this artist, as the portions are a quarter of what’s normal. Some skill indeed. Watch the video below!