This Veg Restaurant In Adyar Will Give You Major Royal Vibes- An Experience Like Never Before

Hamsa’s dimly lit interiors and Indian music lend a hint of royalty to the entire dining experience. Known for its captivating stories for each element that is a part of the interiors, Hamsa should be on the top of your list if you are searching for a place that reflects the taste of every part of the country and delivers it in absolute perfection.


When you walk into the restaurant, you can see flowers in cages behind glass doors, handmade bronze bells on the ceilings and a magnificent bronze lamp chandelier that grabs your attention. Now, for someone who does not know what all these stands for, the dining experience would not make much of a difference, but do know that each of the elements has a deeper meaning behind it. The caged flowers tell us to think about our actions and how, thanks to Global warming and enough harm we have inflicted on the earth, flowers will be just something that will be seen behind a glass door in a museum for our future generations. According to the Vedas, the moment you ring a bell, it touches the seven chakras of your body. And light! Light is synonymous with knowledge, and destroys negativity; the chandelier radiates light and uplifts your spirits while you enjoy your dinner. Each element is poignant in its own way.

The table awaits you with the perfect welcome sweet, a delicious Gulab Jamun in a bowl that is straight out a storybook. If you are apprehensive about starting your dinner with Palak and Chaat, don’t be. Karara Palak Chaat is the best way to go about your dinner. Kache Kele Tikki is made from raw bananas, these crispy starters were an absolute delight! Also, the leaf enclosed Hamsa paneer is synonymous with perfection and a treat to the palate.

The Paneer Makhani, a sweet creamy dish that is usually prepared with butter, tomatoes, cashews or cream, is the perfect combination of flavours that pair along well with the Cheese Olive Naan and mixed veg kulcha. What about some lotus stems and potato kofte cooked in a flavourful onion-tomato gravy? Kamal Kakdi Kofteh taste heavenly and tempts you for seconds! Make sure that you have some Aloo Anardhana Paratha with Vellai Korma, the famous Chettinad white korma curry.

This Veg Restaurant In Adyar Will Give You Major Royal Vibes- An Experience Like Never Before

You cannot end a wonderful dinner without delectable desserts. Make sure you leave some space for the Shahi Tukd, a popular Hyderabadi sweet and Lychee Nariyal Kheer. Moreover, if you are still able to have more, indulge yourself in some apple jalebi, and by now, you must have seen the gates of culinary heaven!

This Veg Restaurant In Adyar Will Give You Major Royal Vibes- An Experience Like Never Before

Now that you know why Hamsa should be on top of your list, make your reservation right now! Be it a family dinner or a date, this restaurant is a perfect choice. Now, if you are planning to hold a client meeting or business luncheon, head over to Hamsa to have some great food and good conversations!

If you are thinking of dining in style, then go for the restaurant’s Chandibagh which literally means silver garden. The walls boast of beautiful designs of blooming flowers, plants and butterflies which are handcrafted by the artisans of Sukra Jewellery.