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This Valentine’s Day, Cherish The Perfect Gastronomical Affair Pair!


Its the month of pairing! The month of February brings with itself the feeling of love and everyone looks for the perfect pair to have a good time.

 This Valentine’s Day, make the perfect twosome – beer and tapas (Spanish word for snacks). Just like we Indians love our food with our beer, Spain has a similar food culture where people enjoy tapas with their beer, and this is the culture that Mahou wants to bring to India as well. 

With the recent popularity of wheat beer and the launch of the Mahou Maestra Wheat, Ramita Chaudhuri, Chief Marketer, Mahou India has suggested different types of tapas that you can pair it with. Wheat beers have light bitterness with a citrus touch and light acidity in the mouth, you can pair it with all-time foods such as cheese, seafood, fritters, sushi to Indian snacks such as paneer tikka, chicken tikka to Spanish tapas such as patatas bravas, olives, andcroquettes. 

So, beer lovers, let us look at some lip-smacking tapas that make the perfect pair with your Mahou Maestra wheat beer. 

  • Patata Bravas 

The tangy hints of the beer goes well with spicy tapas dishes such as the famous patatas bravas. The beer’s cleansing finish leaves the palate refreshed and ready for another bite.

  • Ham Croquettes

A mouthful of creamy croquettes and the frothy beer pairs well to give a leisurely time sipping and smacking with peers. 

  • Salmon with egg and mayonnaise

Wheat beer forms the finest tapas companion with the Salmon and the flavorsome mayonnaise. 

  • Cheese toast with anchovies and olives 

Thirst-quenching Mahou also provides the perfect foil for the unique flavours of Spain’s cured taste of Cheese and Olives. 

  • Tandoori paneer and chicken tikka 

We definitely love our traditional but delicious tandoori snacks such as chicken tikka and paneer tikka that goes really well with wheat beer. Spice them the way you like it. The good thing is that it is also easy to make them at home.

  • Shammi kebabs 

The kebabs are all-time favourite and they make the perfect match to almost every beer. 

So this Valentine, let’s pair the beer you love with some of the exquisite Indian and Spanish tapas. And voila, your guests will appreciate you for being the perfect Maestra (master) chef! 

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