This Summer, Yauatcha The Chinese Dim Sum Teahouse, Introduces Cocktail Hours

A favourite amongst the corporate and shoppers, Yauatcha offers an all-day dining experience, ideal for a light lunch or large feasts and social drinks with friends and family. Located in the bustling heart of 1 MG Road, this summer sip on specially crafted cocktails and spirits and enjoy special offers during the newly introduced Cocktails Hours from 5 pm until 9 pm, Monday to Friday.

The Yauatcha mixology program is based on the philosophy of “fresh and eclectic”; it offers a wide selection of cocktails using fresh ingredients, homemade purees and foams, fruits, herbs and spices that pay a modern homeage to Asian flavours. The cocktails are designed to complement Yauatcha’s vast range of dim sum without overpowering the flavours and taste.

Select from refreshing and citrusy cocktails like Lemon Berry Martini a concoction of citrus vodka, raspberry liqueur with cranberry juice, the Fang Xiang draws its citrusy flavour from freshly squeezed grapefruit along with a delicate floral fragrance from elderflower. The joy you get from the first sip of your morning tea comes through in the Xing Fu, a tea based cocktail which literally translates to “happiness” in Chinese.

When at Yauatcha, one cannot miss trying its signature cocktails like Cha La Lai that includes grapes, vodka, gomme syrup, apple liqueur, oolong tea and apple juice and Hakka a combination of passion fruit, coco lope, tai-sake, vodka, lychee liqueur, lime juice and lychee juice.

Come over and make the most of the season with these refreshing cocktails and more.

Place: Yauatcha, 1 MG Mall

When: From Monday through Friday

Offer Timings: 5 pm to 9 pm

For Reservations: Call – 092222 22800


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