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This Summer, Replace Your Regular Glass Of Water With #CuttingPaani & Conserve Water


Water purification brand Livpure Private Limited unveiled its latest campaign #CuttingPaani today. Based on the concept of “Cutting Chai”, a unique culture in India, this novel campaign brings focus on the very fact that ‘if the quench is of half a glass then one should only take half a glass of water’.

The campaign #CuttingPaani urges consumers to adopt the habit of asking for half a glass of water instead of full since you can always ask for more if needed. This is an idea that will resonate with the common man, since ‘cutting chai’ is a phrase used colloquially by Indians who want tea! Globally, a lot of international coffee chains offer cutting chai for tea lovers thereby acknowledging Indian way of drinking tea.

“According to Asian Development Bank’s forecast, by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 percent. Research also shows that 7 out of 10 people don’t finish their glass of water, which then goes to waste. Livpure was keen to draw attention to this hard reality in a simple and effective manner” said Sushil Matey, Director-Marketing, Livpure adding, “With #CuttingPaani campaign, we wanted to highlight the significance of drinking water judiciously.”

Conceptualized by Famous Innovations, the three films developed portray varied scenarios which are both indoor and outdoor, namely, an office setting, a café and inside a home. The production values are high and the setup is natural establishing the concept of #CuttingPaani and amplifying the fact of optimizing usage of water by taking only what is required. The tagline of the campaign is – Agar pyaas cutting ki hui, toh full glass kyun? Bacha huya paani koi aur pee lega! The campaign intends to rope in relevant influencers to support the message of saving water.

The campaign will be supplemented with digital content in the form of posts along with these three films through the brand’s social media platforms. This will also be supported by on-ground activations.

Siddhartha Singh, CEO, Famous Innovations, said, “It’s a small step when you’re eating at a restaurant or visiting someone’s office, but it stands for a thoughtful and progressive mindset. We hope that people will feel proud when they consciously ask someone to give them only half a glass of water.”

This campaign is an extension of the campaign #FinishYourGlass that was launched by Livpure in June 2017 and urged people to drink an adequate amount of water to help them improve their health.

Watch how you can replace your regular glass of water with cutting paani and save water.

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